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5 January 2016

freezing day in Porvoo

A Tuesday morning has never been this awful. I woke up after a very short night filled with nightmares and other hideous things. For a moment I thought maybe I should cancel my and Suvi's trip to Porvoo. Somehow I got up and got ready, picked Suvi from the railway station and so we headed to Porvoo in freezing -20 degree.

 This was the first time I drove to Porvoo without my parents telling me where to go and I have to say I was pretty nervous since the trip to Helsinki on New Year's eve was so tragic. But we made it without any problems and I got some of that confidence back. I haven't experienced "cold" in a very, very long time.

It's been a good two years without it. As we got out of the car the freezing breeze reached my face and I wished I'd taken a scarf with me. Anywho, we walked around the main street and explored some of the smaller ones too. I found a lovely gift to Minttu for her 19th birthday we're celebrating tonight and enjoyed a delicious spinach quiche with some exceptionally good cappuccino in café Helmi.

I was wearing a mustard yellow {oh yeah} quilted jacket by Torstai with the ever so famous grey fox fur beanie. I felt the read gloves finished the look pretty well although my fingers couldn't bear so I changed to a pair of leather mittens straight after. Underneath I wore a short-ish polka dot dress from Monki with a long grey cardigan by Cos and some grey knitted tights form Lindex. On my neck I have a "runoratsu" necklace from Kalevala jewellery and on my wrist a new Pandora bracelet I got for Christmas {and love it!}.

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