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7 June 2016

my beautiful people graduated

Last Saturday was a day of tears, laughs, happiness. I've gotten to know these three amazing and gorgeous human beings during six years and this spring in particular. Now they have the white "berets" and I'll have yet another year to go before I'll deserve mine. 

My breakfast betrayed me: apparently a banana isn't the best option to go with when one has to stand for two hours in a crowd. After those couple of hours of almost fainting was the time for parties. These are some kind of receptions with cakes and the graduates themselves. I attended six parties in total which is quite an achievement if we're being honest.

I'd planned the day to the last minute, thought out the worst – and best – case scenarios yet somehow the day turned out even better I could have ever imagined. The best part was spending it with people who are dear to me. So once again, congratulations to you all!

In the end I have to mention I was wearing this gorgeous dress from Zara. I've become quite familiar and comfortable with skirts and dresses with the hem above my knees. This time I decided to go for something different and picked this midi dress in blush. It was absolutely perfect considering the warm but not blazing weather as the long hem kept me warm but was still cool thanks to the light fabric. 

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