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18 March 2015

Celebrating Natalie

Last weekend we celebrated my awesome and beautiful host mum Natalie. On Friday she took me to South Bank for dinner as a little pre-celebration of her birthday and a post-celebration of my new haircut. It was such a pretty and relaxed evening. We ate salt and pepper calamari and I had a non-alcoholic strawberry margarita which both are the best things on Earth. There was a really nice couple sitting at a table next to us and as we started chatting and I told I'm from Finland the lady told me her father is Finnish. I mean, the odds, right! It is a very small world but full of so much.

On Saturday we went to a fancy winery to have lunch with the family and a couple of our neighbours. It was a beautiful venue and a beautiful weather. I ate salmon which I've been longing for so long now and it was brilliant. Once we got home we had some chocolate cake and then Nat and my host dad Steve left to a party leaving us kids home with grandma Pat.

On Sunday we drove to Cleveland Point to have a ladies' lunch with Natalie's girl friends. The venue was very beautiful — again {Natalie has a great taste}. It was a very nice, classy but relaxed afternoon sipping cocktails and eating calamari and chocolate cake. I guess you aren't surprise hearing I had another yummy non-alcoholic strawberry Margarita.

I want to say happy birthday and thanks to Natalie for letting me sit in the adults' table.

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