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4 March 2015

jet skiing

On Sunday morning we woke up early and drove to one of my host mum Natalie's friend's place. Mel and Gordon's house was gorgeous one by the canal. After all the preparations we jumped on the jet skies and headed off to the sea. It was such a beautiful morning. I felt like we were flying right above the clear turquoise water. The wind hit my face and tangled my hair so bad I thought I would never get it untangled ever again {I did after half-a-bottle of conditioner}. Our first destination was the Peel island but just in front of the horse shoe beach we saw two yachts which turned out to belong to Gordon's parents so we stayed for a good while: took pictures and swam.

The horse shoe beach of the Peel island wasn't in such a good condition because of a recent cyclone so we didn't end up staying there. Since we hadn't had breakfast yet we drove to the Moreton island where we had a nice brunch in a cozy beach bar. As usual, me and Nat took plenty of pictures of the beach.

Going back we tried some cool tricks with the jet skies which was pretty awesome. I cannot thank Mel and Gordon enough for giving me this amazing opportunity. I really loved it and if I get another change I'm definitely going to use it.

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