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15 March 2015

Mount Coot-tha

Last Monday Julia asked me to go up to Mount Coot-tha with her and and her host family. I was having a free evening, for once so I said yes right away.

It was dark already when we left but being a huge lover of city lights I didn't mind, not really. To be honest I was in heaven when we drove over the lit bridge. Little did I know the best was yet to come. Once we reached the top of the mountain we could see the whole city twinkling in the dark. I could've just stayed there forever, feel the wind on my face. Eventually, after hundreds of photos, we got hungry enough and so got a table in a little café / restaurant next door. I ate salt and pepper calamari which is quickly becoming my favourite snack.

Driving back in the dark and listening Ellie Goulding's "Love me like you do" playing on the radio seemed like the only right way that day could have ended. Thank you Julia.

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